AIPLA’s 20th Annual Patent Cooperation Treaty Seminar

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) has taken on increasing importance as reciprocity through the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH), and various accelerated examination procedures relying on international search reports, enables obtaining a patent more quickly while preserving the deferral of commitment to application and research as a company grows out its size and portfolio.   

This program will cover the basics and an overview. For the advanced PCT practitioner, this panel features not merely leading experts, but members who participate in the ongoing design and evolution of the PCT system, and its parallel IP5 multi-office document access system:  Global Dossier.   

For newcomers to the PCT, there will be a one-hour “PCT Primer” Webinar, which will provide an overview of the PCT system and the basics of filing a PCT application. The Webinar will take place on Thursday, July 21, from 12:30 to 1:30 pm EDT. We will have oral presentations with a written directory, and take questions during the webinar. The Webinar is free to all PCT Seminar registrants. You must register for the Webinar at the same time you register for the Seminar. 

Note: All Materials will be provide to all registrant in advance of the seminar to print on your own.

USPTO OIPC Contact: Ms. Jessica Patterson