eMod Participant Programs

How can you participate?

Sign up to join the Patent Center Beta Release and help us improve our patent filing system. This is a great opportunity to begin using the new Patent Center tool and provide the us with feedback for further improvements. 

Patent Center

Status: Limited beta release is available

Improvements from your previous feedback in the Text Pilot Program has been incorporated into the Patent Center Beta Release. A limited number of those participants will be contacted for a temporary limited Patent Center Beta release participation

In the Patent Center Beta release, participants will be able to file and view patent applications as they would have in using the legacy EFS-Web and Private PAIR systems. Since this is a beta release, not all features from the legacy systems are available in Patent Center. Please note that all beta release filings are live and will be processed. Participants should not file the same documents in both Patent Center and EFS-Web. If you were a previous Patent Center Alpha release participant, your account will be automatically transferred to the Beta release. If you would like to sign up to receive additional information about the Patent Center Beta release, please email eMod@uspto.gov with the subject line “Participation Request: Patent Center Beta Release.” We will reply letting you know when the guidelines and additional information has been updated and posted below.

Patent Center Beta release steps 

  • Step 1: Interested users will be provided the registration link when available (which will link to the guidelines for review and agreement)
  • Step 2: eMod Project Team will contact users to join the Patent Center Beta Release in phases, based on their registration date
  • Step 3: eMod Project Team will provide Patent Center Beta Release Training and workshops in phases based on respective introduction dates
  • Step 4: Patent Center Beta Release users will be able to use Patent Center and give feedback for improvements. Please note EFS-Web and PAIR will still be available for use as well.