PAIR Administration

Create New Customer Number – Create a new Customer Number and choose the preferred method of outgoing correspondence (Mail, e-Mail).  Registered practitioners will also have the option to associate additional attorneys or agents to the customer number.  The new customer number will automatically be added to the digital certificate of the requestor and the listed practitioners.  This feature can replace the need to submit a Request for Customer Number (SB/125).

Update Application Address – Request changes to the Correspondence Address and/or Maintenance Fee Address of up to 20 application(s) and/or patent number(s).  Requests must be submitted by the Attorney or Agent of record who has been given power of attorney in the application.  Private PAIR address changes are only available to registered practitioners.  Other users (Independent Inventors, etc.) will still need to submit address change requests through a Change of Correspondence Address (SB/122 or SB/123) or Customer Number Upload Spreadsheet. 

Note: Address change requests for PCT applications, reexamination proceedings and supplemental examination proceedings cannot currently be accepted.

View Customer Number Details - View and request changes to the address and all practitioners related to a specific customer number

View Saved and Completed Requests – View completed and saved request(s) submitted through Private PAIR.  These requests include Entity Status Changes, New Customer Number requests, and Update Application Address requests. Users will be able to retrieve previously saved requests for up to seven days and submitted requests for up to the past 90 days.