eOffice Action FAQs

PAIR Help - PAIR Administration - eOffice Action - Basics

To access Private PAIR you must:

  • be a registered patent attorney/agent, an Independent Inventor, or a person granted limited recognition;
  • have a customer number; and
  • have a digital PKI certificate.

Instructions on how to apply for a Customer Number and digital PKI certificate can be found on the Patent EBC Web site.

PAIR Help - eOffice Action - Basics

Yes. Specific e-Office Action related events with corresponding date are available in the Transaction History tab in Private PAIR. The Transaction Description events are self explanatory and are labeled as “Email Notification,” “Electronic Review,” and if applicable “Mail Post Card.” In addition, an OA.EMAIL document is placed in the file wrapper of the application notified that day. The OA.EMAIL document is a truncated version of the daily e-mail listing details of only that specific application number’s new communication.

By registering for the e-Office Action program, participant is authorizing the Office to send e-mail notifications of Office communications entered by the participating Office business units in the applications associated with the Customer Number. The e-Office Action program does not, otherwise, change the policy for communication via the Internet set forth in the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) § 502.03. The e-mail notification is simply an automated e-mail sent by the Office. It is not an e-mail sent by the examiner. The program does not alter the Office policy prohibiting an applicant or examiner from engaging in improper e-mail correspondence.

PAIR Help - eOffice Action - General

The USPTO.GOV domain must be listed in the ‘allow’ or ‘white’ list.

Additional spam filter configurations are:

  • The subject name of the notification: Private PAIR Correspondence Notification for Customer Number XXXXX, where XXXXX refers to your Customer Number
  • The ‘From’ field of the e-mail is PAIR_eOfficeAction@uspto.gov (link sends e-mail). Please do not reply to this email address