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The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is increasing the availability of its patent electronic filing system, Electronic Filing System - Web (EFS-Web) by providing a new contingency option when the primary portal for EFS-Web is unavailable. Similar to the EFS-Web Unregistered site, EFS-Web Contingency offers the same user interface and equivalent functionality by permitting users to file new applications, requests for reexamination and certain petitions.

Note: Impacts on EFS-Web Contingency by other USPTO systems and availability

Please see the USPTO Systems Status and Availability page for current system status and impacted features.

If systems that EFS-Web Contingency depend on are unavailable, submission types and features in EFS-Web Contingency may be unavailable.  Two examples are payment processing and data processing. If the USPTO payment system is unavailable, then online payment processing will be unavailable for EFS-Web Contingency (e.g., online payment option is not available for payment of the basic national fee with a national stage submission under 35 U.S.C. 371).  If the Patent Application Locating and Monitoring (PALM) system is unavailable, then EFS-Web Contingency cannot access data for processing certain submission types. The availability of the PALM system may affect:  

  • National stage submissions under 35 U.S.C. 371
  • ePetition to Accept Unintentional Delayed Payment of the Maintenance Fee (37 CFR 1.378(b))
  • ePetition to Make special based on age (37 CFR 1.102)
  • Application Information Retrieval from a parent application for Web ADS
  • Third-Party Preissuance Submission under 37 CFR 1.290
  • Prior Art Submission into a Patent File under 37 CFR 1.501.


Benefits of the EFS-Web Contingency system include:

  • Increased overall system availability for electronic filing, with EFS-Web availability supplemented by EFS-Web Contingency
  • Identical user interface and equivalent functionality as Unregistered EFS-Web
  • Exactly the same back-end processing of submitted applications as Unregistered EFS-Web
  • Users will continue to promptly receive an electronic acknowledgement receipt of their EFS-Web Contingency submission and have the ability to review their applications or documents via the Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) system

Note: Follow-on submissions not permitted in EFS-Web Contingency

Filing follow-on documents and follow-on fee payments to an existing patent application is not permitted via EFS-Web Contingency; please use alternative filing method. When an applicant improperly files a follow-on document as a new application via EFS-Web Contingency (or EFS-Web) and requests the USPTO to move the follow-on document to the intended application, a petition under 37 CFR 1.182 accompanied by the petition fee will be required in the intended application.

To file follow-on documents to an existing application or request,  please use alternative filing method.

Note: Saved Submissions not available in EFS-Web Contingency

Registered e-filers who have uploaded documents to a Saved Submission package in EFS-Web will not be able to retrieve those Saved Submission documents in EFS-Web Contingency.


To file a new patent application using EFS-Web Contingency, click the link below:

>> Launch EFS-Web Contingency

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EFS-Web Contingency Support:

For specific questions about how to use Patent electronic systems to submit or review patent applications and patent documents, please call the Patent Electronic Business Center at 866-217-9197 (toll free) or e-mail EBC@uspto.gov .