EFS-Web Best Practices

EFS-Web Best Practices

Individuals from law firms and corporations that have successfully adopted the e-filing system, EFS-Web, have provided the USPTO with feedback on their EFS-Web Best Practices.

Do You Get the POINT of EFS-Web?

Organizations that have adopted EFS-Web on an enterprise level unanimously recognize tangible strategic benefits including enhanced quality, cost savings and savings in staff time.

The EFS-Web Best Practices booklet, report and training slides are available below. Developed after individuals from top patent-filing firms and corporations met to discuss best practices with the electronic patent-filing system, these materials detail how to overcome work-flow obstacles and ensure a successful transition from paper to electronic patent filing.

* EFS-Web Best Practices Booklet (PDF)
The booklet provides a brief overview on how to "Get the POINT of EFS-Web" by highlighting tips on process, organizational culture, information technology and training. The booklet can easily be distributed to anyone who would like an introduction to the POINT of EFS-Web.

* EFS-Web Best Practices Implementation Guide (PDF)
The detailed report provides a more in-depth view of how the top patent-filing firms and corporations have adopted EFS-Web successfully into their organizations. This report can be useful to audiences that are interested in implementing EFS-Web.

* EFS-Web Best Practices Training (PDF)
To train others on how to "Get the POINT of EFS-Web," the EFS-Web Best Practices training slide can be incorporated into any PowerPoint presentation. The slide provides trainees with a visual of the EFS-Web workflow.

Additional Information
If you have additional training requests or want to find out more about EFS-Web Best Practices, please send an e-mail to EFS.Training@uspto.gov.

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