EFS-Web Announcement Archive 2007

ADVISORY (19DEC2007) : Revision to EFS-Web Legal Framework (Part VII) to Clarify the Subscriber Agreement/Signature Policy: E-filers are required to ensure that only documents authorized for submission via EFS-Web are filed. Filing documents that are not authorized for submission via EFS-Web is not in compliance with the subscriber agreement regardless of whether the document is signed by a digital certificate holder or another practitioner. For a list of documents that are not authorized to be filed via EFS-Web, see Legal Framework.

ADVISORY (13NOV2007) : EFS-Web applicants should continue using Adobe Reader 7.0.8 or 7.0.9 . USPTO Form-Fillable PDFs are not compatible with the latest Adobe Reader 8.0 upgrade. Currently Adobe Reader version 7.0.8 and 7.0.9 are the only valid reader versions that are supported by USPTO forms. EFS-Web Applicants who have already upgraded their Adobe Reader can revert back to Adobe Reader 7.0.9 using the following steps:

The USPTO is testing Adobe Reader 8.0 and will announce when support can be extended to include Adobe Reader 8.0.

ADVISORY (11NOV2007):New features available for e-filers as of 11NOV2007. See EFS-Web 1.2 for details.

ADVISORY: When filing an International application (PCT) in the U.S. Receiving Office via EFS-Web, filers must submit all documentation in A4 size (8.27 X 11.69). (14AUG2007)

ADVISORY: If you are attaching a PCT-SAFE Zip file, you will also need to attach the specification, claims, abstract, drawings, etc., as PDF files. These files cannot be added to the Zip file, as EFS-Web will not extract them for processing. The RO/101 and Fee sheet, in the Zip file, are all that EFS-Web extracts for processing. (07AUG2007)

ADVISORY: In an effort to improve internal processing of the Information Disclosure Statement (IDS), the USPTO has created a new document description for the letter that accompanies the IDS form. Starting July 29, 2007, please use Information Disclosure Statement letter and not Information Disclosure Statement when submitting the letter that accompanies the IDS form. (31JUL2007)

ADVISORY: EFS-Web applicants should be aware that when filing a Request for Continued Examination (RCE) using the RCE Transmittal Form (SB 30) that the document description, "Request for Continued Examination", should be used. The document description, "Amendment Submitted/Entered with Filing of CPA/RCE", should NOT be used for this form. (03MAY2007)

ADVISORY: All PDF documents submitted via EFS-Web must have a minimum resolution of 300 DPI. A lower resolution may delay processing and publication of your application. See PDF Guidelines for further details. (24APR2007