EFS Documents, How to Index


Please, take a look at the following general rules for document description indexing. If you desire further education on the proper indexing of documents, reference the Document Descriptions [located on the About EFS-Web page under Important information > EFS-Web Resources > Indexing guides > Document Descriptions] or e-mail the EBC@USPTO.GOV mailbox and a member of the EFS-Web team will be happy to assist.

General Rules for Document Indexing are as follows:

  1. Applications must be broken out into its appropriate sections
  • Specification
  • Claims
  • Abstract
  • Drawing
  1. Paper associated with Amendments must be separated out to different document descriptions. Typical amendment will include:
  • Amendment transmittal document. This is the first document discussing the type of amendment being filed:
    • Amendment after Non-Final
    • Amendment after Notice of Allowance (Rule 312)
    • Preliminary Amendment
    • Amendment after Final
  • Application Parts (if they exist):
    • Specification
    • Claims
    • Abstract
    • Drawings
  • Remarks (Applicant Arguments or Remarks Made in an Amendment) document description
  1. Foreign References and NPL Documents (Non-patent literature) must be separated out as separate documents
  2. Appeal Briefs do not have to have the "Claims" section separated out.
  3. Petitions that are accompanied with Amendments must have separate application parts documents descriptions as mentioned above, but if the petition cites the application part that part should not be separated out.