Complaint: January 2016 Middlebrook



Name of the Invention Promotion Company:  Invents Company           

Invention Promoter’s Address:  450 7th Avenue Suite 1107 New York, NY 10123 Complainant’s Name:  Phil & Anne Middlebrook

Complainant’s Address:  244 Glenbrook Rd. Apt 35D Stamford, CT 06906 Customer’s Name:  Phil & Anne Middlebrook


Name of mass media invention promoter advertised in:  TV Ads.

Invention promotion service offered to be performed: Patent Search, Diagram/Artwork, TV Commercial, Licensing, Follow ups.

Explanation of complaint between customer and invention promoter: 

We believe that we have been scammed by this company! 

Their profile fits 6 out of 10 scam warnings and hooks detailed in your guide booklet.

We checked their rating with New York BBB before signing a contract with them , they are rated A minus we don’t understand how they got this rating! 

Our first contact @ Invents was Thomas Difrancesco with the title of “Marketing Consultant”. 

We discussed our invention idea with him and he stated that the next step was a patent search which would cost $1200. 

After giving it some thought for 2 weeks we sent invents the check, 2 months later we received a “bound book” from their patent attorney stating that our idea was patentable and marketable.  (One of the beware of’ in your guide). 

We were then pressured to take the next step for the marketing matrix itinerary for $9995.

At the contract signing Mr. Difrancesco did not explain each of the contract points.

When we made inquires his answer was “We take care of everything” (ie they don’t explain the point that they only cover the provisional patent).

They don’t have direct email addresses and don’t respond through their generic info e-mail address, they have no direct phone numbers and only one number for the whole company, and don’t return calls when you leave a message.

They claim to have 17 offices in the U.S but only one listed online.

Their website is limited and no success stories are listed of inventions brought to fruition, none at all on their website!

Only their own tweets quoting famous people, Very shady!!  The ideas they show in their brochures look like copies from books and not true to scale, Shady!

The T.V. commercials they claim to prepare for your invention don’t state when, where or at what time they are aired!

The press release ad they claim to place in trade journals and magazines are not specified nor do they give a list of which ones!

Our invention is supposedly now in the licensing phase.  (All the material from the marketing &matrix itinerary sent to A list of 20 potential licensees.

This was about a year ago, No follow up has been received!

We made a call to inquire about what the status was with this.  Three days later we received a call from “Dorothy @ ext.4809 from Invents and asked if we could get a copy of one of the ads about our invention that they supposedly placed in trade journals and Magazines.  The request was denied1

She convinced us that Thomas Difrancesco knew nothing about marketing or retail (His title is “Marketing Consultant !?)

We understand that several complaints have been made about this company!  Perhaps several more are to ashamed to come Forward!  Please go after these scam artist


Signed:/s/ Phil & Anne Middlebrook                                            Date:  May 10, 2015