PTAB “Boardside Chat” Webinar Series

The PTAB is pleased to announce its “Boardside Chat” lunchtime webinar series to be held bi-monthly throughout 2020. The purpose of the Boardside Chats is to inform you on best practices before the Board as well as to address your questions regarding specific topics. 

Please find below the currently scheduled Chats. All Chats are free and open to all. Also, all Chats will include time for attendee questions and comment.

Please join us for this learning opportunity and dialogue with the PTAB!





Webinar Access Link
Thu., July 23, 2020




Noon to 1 p.m. Eastern Time

Learn about prioritized programs at the USPTO

Editor of the MPEP, Rob Clarke

Vice Chief Judge William Fink

Lead Judge David McKone

Thu., June 11, 2020

Learn about new developments in AIA trials

Vice Chief Judge Michael Tierney

Lead Judge William Saindon


Fri., May 1, 2020

Everything you need to know about appearing before PTAB these days

Chief Judge Scott Boalick

 Deputy Chief Judge Jackie Bonilla

 Vice Chief Judge Michael Tierney

Acting Vice Chief Judge Michael Kim 






For the above webinar access information, the following applies:

Event/Access #:  +1-415-527-5035

Event password:  qdD7GpS2dg6

Access code:   199 876 0622


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