Patent Quality

Providing high-quality, efficient examination of patent applications is paramount to our mission at USPTO.  To ensure we continue to issue high-quality patents that will fuel innovation well into the future, the Office of the Deputy Commissioner for Patent Quality, along with our partners across the Patents organization, promotes and supports the continuous improvement of patent products, processes and services through collaboration with internal and external stakeholders of the intellectual property community.


Patent Quality Chat
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Quality Metrics
See our new metrics approach, categorizing into product, process and perception indicators.

Stakeholder Training on Examination Practice and Procedure (STEPP)
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Areas of focus

Collaboration with our stakeholders has directed our focus within three areas, where we can best improve patent quality

Data Analysis

Examiner Resources, Tools & Training

Changes to Process/Product


To aid our goal of continuous patent quality improvement, we provide a collection of some patent quality resources to assist in our stakeholder’s understanding and ability to use our patent system.

To find archived information about enhancements to patent quality, visit our archive of past events and the completed Enhanced Patent Quality Initiative (EPQI).

We Want Your Feedback!

Robust interaction with you, our stakeholders, is crucial to continuous improvement to our patent system in a way that best assists you.  Send us an email.