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 Support the Program

Help us spread the word about Patents for Humanity.  Your support is critical to making this program a success.

Ways to Promote

First and foremost we need to let potential applicants know that Patents for Humanity exists.  USPTO’s communication channels only take us so far.  We need help publicizing the program through other outlets to attract the best candidates.

It’s easy to help!  You can:

  • Place the Patents for Humanity banner on your website.
  • Mention the program in your emails, newsletters, or blogs.
  • Discuss the program with clients and colleagues.
  • Mention it in your presentations.
  • Invite USPTO speakers to conferences, meetings, and other events.


You can use the following materials to promote the program.

See our Resources page for more useful materials.  Also see our list of recent collaborations page for examples.

Join the P4H Network

Sign up for Patents for Humanity updates by email.  We’ll let you know about events and deadlines, and other ways you can support the program.  Send an email to with your contact info.