2017 Patent Quality Chats

Patent Quality Chat 2017 (Archive)

Monthly on the second Tuesday of the month

12:00 – 1:00 p.m. ET




November 14

How is an Examiner’s Work Product Reviewed?

October 12 Examiners Provide Their View on Prepared Applications.
  • Jim Dwyer
    Director, Office of Patent Quality Assurance
  • Martin Rater
    Chief Statistician, Office of Patent Quality Assurance
September 12

How Can the Patents Ombudsman and Pro Se Assistance Programs Work For You?

  • Mindy Bickel
    Associate Commissioner for Innovation Development
  • Cassandra Downs
    Management/Program Analyst, Patents Ombudsman Program
August 8

Using Petitions Effectively in Patent Prosecution

July 11 Latest Updates in USPTO's Work Sharing Efforts
  • Mark Powell
    Deputy Commissioner for International Patent Cooperation
  • Daniel Hunter

    Director for International Work Sharing, Planning and Implementation,Office of International Patent Cooperation

June 13 Patent Quality Metrics
  • Greg Vidovich
    Associate Commissioner for Patent Quality

  • Jim Dwyer
    Director, Office of Patent Quality Assurance

May 9

eCommerce Modernization (eMod) Update

April 11 Examination Time Analysis
March 16 Training for the Examination of High Quality Patents
  • Gary Welch
    Academy Class Manager, Office of Patent Training
  • Bao-Thuy Nguyen
    Patent Training Advisory, Office of Patent Training
Feb. 14 Understanding the ADS: Little Things Make a Big Difference
  • Janice Tippett
    Management and Program Analyst, Office of Patent Application Processing
Jan. 19

Rationale Statements in 35 U.S.C. 103 Rejections

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