Advisory - PDF Format Change in the Trademark Official Gazette (TMOG)

As part of the ongoing effort to improve and modernize our legacy computer systems, effective the November 4, 2014 Official Gazette, the Office must retire the system that produces the "legacy" pdf files for the Official Gazette each week. The October 28, 2014 Official Gazette will thus be the last one available in the current pdf format.

We will still offer a pdf file for each issue for those who choose not to use the easily searchable format of the Trademark Official Gazette (TMOG); however, the format of the pdf version will differ. Based on user feedback received, the newer version features more complete information for each record, though this results in it having more pages. The newer version also lists the applications in a different order, eliminating the separation between multiple class and single class applications and instead just listing all of the records in ascending order by serial number.

To compare and contrast the new and old pdf versions, you can click the link to the August 5, 2014 legacy pdf and then click the link to the August 5, 2014 TMOG version. While the format for the newer pdf version cannot be changed in the short term, we greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions about improving it for future releases. Please send commentary via so that we can continue to improve the TMOG.