Patents for Humanity Awards 2013 - Info Tech




The 2013 Patents for Humanity award winners in the category Info Tech.


Sproxil, Inc

phone and code

According to the International Policy Network, over 700,000 people die annually from fake tuberculosis and malaria medicines alone, and the counterfeit drug market is estimated at $200 billion. Sproxil's solution allows consumers to verify that products are genuine by using a mobile phone and a free text message. The solution is deployed in developing regions of Africa and Asia - it is offered in India, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana. As of February 2013, over 3.5 million products had been verified using the MPA Solution. Sproxil has won awards from the Clinton Global Initiative and IEEE.


Microsoft Corporation

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Infer.NET is a machine learning tool that simplifies the task of finding relationships in large data sets with Bayesian inference. It is being used for research in epidemiology, genetic causes of disease, deforestation, and asthma, as well as many other areas. Microsoft makes Infer.NET freely available for non-commercial research purposes and helps outside groups use the tool effectively, including researchers at Harvard University, University of Cambridge, University of Manchester, Heidelberg University and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.