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New Home Page for the USPTO

The website is getting a new look and feel, starting with a new home page design that debuted on December 20, 2011. This new home page better presents the activities and services of the USPTO to the public, and is more accessible to our user community. After examining feedback from website visitors and employees, looking at other websites within and outside the federal government, and by studying best practices in the field, a team at USPTO developed this new design as the entryway to

While our former home page did its job, we received feedback over time that (among other things) told us it was too text heavy. The new home page has a more colorful look with a greater reliance on graphic cues to help visitors find what they’re looking for. Bookmarks to content did not need to change, as most of the navigation across the site remained the same. Because it may take some time to learn the elements of our new home page, visitors can access our “retired home page” from the new home page until February 29, 2012.

The USPTO continues to deploy improvements to IT systems, and the Agency’s online presence is part of these enhancements. The new home page is just the first of several new changes to our website in the coming months that will help modernize our services for online visitors. The USPTO has created an email box at to receive comments, positive or negative, that may help the Agency guide future design enhancements. We welcome your thoughts.

 Section of new USPTO home page

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