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  apply, status, correspondence, publication, forms, registered attorneys and agents, special patent programs, appeals and interferences
  correspondence, options, mailboxes, patent types, guides, policy, law, training & conferences
Laws and Rules
  laws, regulations, MPEP, rule changes
International Protection
  Patent Cooperation Treaty, international IP protection
search, copies, file, biosequences, check progress, ownership, pay maintenance fees
  FAQ, glossary, how to search, inventors assistance, special advice for musicians, artists and authors, patent organization, Patent Cooperation Treaty (international)
Search Aids
Official Gazette, classification, search templates, image viewers, valid application and patent numbers, Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries,
Image File Wrappers, business methods, inventor resources, non-USPTO links, software downloads


how to, facts, copies, corrections, public search locations, training, mailing addresses, phones
Border Enforcement
  record trademarks with Customs and Border Protection
Madrid Protocol
 International Registration of Marks
Manuals and Publications
  options, goods and services, design search codes, OG, internet domain names, exam guides, TMEP - exam procedure, types of marks
Laws and Regulations
  U.S. trademark law and rules, international treaties, Fastener Quality Act Insignia, rulemaking
Trademark Trials and Appeals
  procedures, decisions, proceedings, e-file
search, copies, file, check progress, ownership
Getting a TM Registration

  search, e-file, status, fees, forms, correspondence, petitions
Keeping a TM Registration
  revival, ownership, correction, renewal
FAQ, forms, international IP protection, glossary, help, news, product catalog, links, statistics, jobs

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Programs & Offices
Intellectual Property (IP) Options
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Under Secretary's Corner
Policy & Procedures
  legal information, legislation, regulations
  Inventors resources
  Patent & Trademark Depository Libraries
  Public Advisory Committees

  museum, Inventure Place, kids

Contact Us

People & Offices
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  facilities and offices, Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries
Contact Instructions
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  global intellectual property  
  interviews, tours, speakers  
  vendor bidding and billing

How to ...

patents & trademarks, PTDLs, pricing & fees, who to contact, registered patent practitioners, laws & regulations, licensing & secrecy order info, related non-USPTO sites
  a patent, trademark, copyright, copies, downloads, forms, plugins and viewers for images, help
  corrections, customer number changes, fraud, invention promoter complaints, customer service issues
  involved in advisory activities, a registered patent attorney or agent, a USPTO employee, a vendor to USPTO
Get Answers
  general questions, patents, trademarks

Policy & Law

Boards and Counsel
General Counsel, General Law, Solicitor, Office of Enrollment & Discipline, Board of Patent Appeals & Interferences, Trademark Trial & Appeal Board
 International intellectual property and Trilateral activities
Laws, regulations and public comments
Laws, regulations and policy
Laws, regulations and policy
21st Century Strategic Plan
Website Disclosures
Policies and legal disclosures

Products and Services

Buy Products and Services
data files, copies, online catalog
  search ownership, record assignments of ownership
Free Publications/Products
  forms, guides and manuals, FTP downloads of patent bibliographic data, reports
productions, patents by type and origin, trademarks
 Public Search Facilities, Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries, Scientific & Technical Information Center


Status of
Patents, Trademarks, USPTO operations & website
Look up
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  vacancies, vendor opportunities
budget, plans, annual reports, statistics, strategic planning

Search Collections
online databases and lists - other searches available on our site:

  • Patents and published patent applications;
  • Expired patents
  • Decisions of the Board of Patent Appeal and Interferences
  • Manual of Patent Classification; Manual of Patent Examining Procedure;
  • Trademarks, pending and registered;
  • Trademark assignments of ownership
  • Trademark Manual of Goods & Services;Trademark Design Code Manual; Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure;
  • Decisions and proceedings of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
  • Patent Attorneys & Agents;
  • Patent & Trademark Depository Libraries;
  • Catalog of Products & Services;
  • Forms;
  • Fees;
  • Site Index;
  • Official Gazette Notices and Federal Register Notices;
  • Comments from the Public;
  • FOIA Documents - Freedom of Information Act;
  • Job Announcements;
  • USPTO Employee Telephone Locator;
  • Business Opportunities - Procurements;

Non-USPTO Search Collections:

  • United States Code (USC) - Federal Laws;Code of Federal Regulations (CFR);
  • Court Cases;
  • First Gov search of all government sites

Patent and Trademark Search Tips and Tools

"" Tutorial - How to use - web basics, navigating, special features, special requirements for online systems; extra help for web novices and new users of USPTO.GOV

About the USPTO Site Survey

Emergencies/Security Alerts

eBusiness apply for and search patents and trademarks; order copies, documents & bulk databases; manage payments; seek jobs; find vendor opportunities; and more online

FAQs - frequently asked questions and answers

Forms - printable and fillable forms; links to electronic submissions

Glossary - a glossary of terms found on the USPTO website, hyperlinked to related definitions and supplemental materials on the website

Guides FAQs, USPTO glossary, manuals & indices to classification codes, procedural manuals, special lists and guides

How to Look up Laws and Regulations (USC or CFR)

How to Search Patents and Trademarks

Help contacting USPTO for information and assistance plus online self-help resources

Inventor Support guidance, scam prevention

Kids' Pages education and fun for all ages

News & Notices announcements, emergencies, Federal Register notices, Official Gazette notices, Office of Public Affairs, business opportunities, jobs

Questions and Answers by subject area

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