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  • How to Use this Site
    An introduction to the USPTO website and how to use it
  • Just Starting Out - for Inventors
    Inventors Resources - important information for new inventors and potential trademark registrants
  • Kids' Pages
    Our award-winning kids' pages - over one hundred web pages jam-packed with games, quizzes,stories and fun graphics. Not just for kids!  
  • Libraries
    Resources collected and maintained by the Patent and Trademark Depository LibraryProgram
  • Musician, Artist or Author
    Links to help artists and musicians determine the right kinds of protection for their work
  • Business Resources
    Links to favorite USPTO resources for specialized industries or corporate clients includes: Trademarks, Logos & Brands
    links to online trademark registration, search, status, policy and procedures and other favorites for potential trademark registrants
  • Global / International
    For those who wish to seek protection for their intellectual property beyond the borders of the United States of America as well as for those non-US customers who wish to seek patent or trademark protection in the United States of America.
  • Technology Developer
    Geared to the needs of engineers and scientists who actively develop new and patentable technologies.

  • Copyrights
    Information about copyrights and link to the Library of Congress' Copyright Office.
  • Other Identifiers
    Links to other forms of product identification, certification laboratories, etc.
  • How to Search - links and tips for searching databases
    Geared to the needs of historians, academic researchers and general searchers studying the collections cared for by the USPTO
  • News Media & Publications
    Links to Public Affairs, press releases, special white papers and other resources for journalists
  • Legislator
    Legislators, staff and industy representatives can find laws, regulations and executive information here
  • Patent Attorney or Agent
    Patent Attorneys and Agents must take and pass a special examination before they can be registered to practice. FInd this registration information as well as favorite legal, procedural, policy and search resources for patent attorneys
  • Trademark Attorney
    Favorite legal, procedural, policy and search resources for trademark attorneys
  • Vendor
    Prospective vendors can locate references and online systems to help them successfullyseek USPTO business opportunities
  • New Employees
    Potential hires can find job vacancies and new hires can find information to help them transition to their new position
  • Employees
    Announcements and resources on the public USPTO web site of particular interest to existing USPTO employees
  • Special Interests or Needs
    Accessibility issues and the needs of interested parties having or seeking special protections or services are addressed here

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