TEAS Nuts and Bolts: Validation Page

Part 10 of TEAS Nuts and Bolts Series

Published on Oct 04, 2017

This video explains how to fill out the Validation page of the USPTO’s federal trademark registration application. The information applies to TEAS Plus, TEAS RF, and TEAS Regular applications.

TEAS Nuts and Bolts Series

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Validation Page

MARK: Now you are ready to validate your application.

Step 1. Click the "Input" link and review all the information you entered on the previous pages. Also be sure to click the "Mark" link and review a copy of your mark drawing. And if you have uploaded a specimen image, be sure to click on the "Specimen" link to ensure that you have uploaded the correct file.

Step 2. Re-enter your e-mail address to ensure that the USPTO has your correct e-mail address.

Step 3. If you wish to file your application at a later time, you may download a copy of the data in your application file. Simply click the "Save Form" button at the bottom of the screen. This is an optional step, however, and is not required before filing your application.

Step 4. Read the provided notice and check the check box to indicate that you have read and understand the notice indicating that the USPTO will not cancel your filing once submitted nor refund your filing fee, and that all information you submit will be made public.

Step 5. If you are ready to file your application, click the "Pay/Submit" button to be taken to a secure server where you can enter your payment information.

The most common form of payment is by credit or debit card, but you can also pay by deposit account and electronic funds transfer.

Once you have paid the required fee, you will have officially submitted your trademark application. You will see a "SUCCESS" page that provides you with your assigned serial number. Be sure to print the screen and/or save it as a PDF for your records.

You will also receive an e-mail receipt that includes your application serial number, your application data, and important information about the next steps in the process. Please read all of the information carefully.

As for what happens next, check the trademark application timeline for upcoming steps and estimated timetables. For example, an examining attorney will review your application within 3-4 months and contact you regarding any issues that might arise.

In the meantime, you can check the status of your application through the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval System (known as TSDR).

And you can update your contact information at the Office using the TEAS Change of Correspondence Address form.

You can find the timelines, TSDR, TEAS, and lots of other helpful electronic tools, videos, and information, on the Trademarks home page of USPTO.GOV.

If you have any questions, contact the Trademark Assistance Center by email at TrademarkAssistanceCenter@uspto.gov or by phone at 1-800-786-9199. And congratulations on filing your federal trademark application.