TEAS Nuts and Bolts: Goods and Services (TEAS RF and TEAS Regular)

Part 6 of TEAS Nuts and Bolts Series

Published on Oct 04, 2017

This video explains how to fill out the Goods and Services page of the USPTO’s federal trademark registration application.  The information applies to TEAS RF and TEAS Regular applications only.

TEAS Nuts and Bolts Series

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Goods and Services (TEAS RF and TEAS Regular)

MARK: Now you are ready to identify the goods and services associated with your mark.

This section is extremely important and your selection of goods and services must be precise and accurate. Do not simply select a listing that is "close" to your goods and services.

For more information about goods and services and the importance of making the right selection, be sure to click the link to watch the instructional Trademark Information Network video.

To select your goods and services, you may either use the ID Manual or enter your goods and services using the Free-form text tool.

Because use of the Free-form text option often results in USPTO Examining Attorneys issuing application rejections, the Office recommends using the ID Manual option for selecting your goods and services.

In fact, if you're going to use the ID Manual option, you may wish to consider filing under TEAS Plus to take advantage of a reduced filing fee.

To list goods and services using the ID Manual, simply click the "Add Goods/Services" button to search the Manual and insert your goods and services.

On the next page, type in the goods and services associated with your mark. For example, "t-shirts." When you are finished, click "Go."

Check the boxes for the appropriate entries and click the "Insert Checked Entries" button.

If one of the entries requires more detail, type the necessary wording into the provided box.
For example, if the t-shirts are for babies, type "babies." Then, click the "Insert Checked Entries" button again to move on to the Filing Basis page.

If you decide to use the Free-form text option, click "Add Goods/Services" to reveal the Free-form text field.

For each International Class of goods and services, type in your listing, using the common commercial name for the goods and services and select the International Class of your goods and services. For example, t-shirts, hats, and jackets are all classified in International Class 25.

It's a good idea to separate your goods and services with semi-colons and use the "ID Assistance" tool to help you draft an acceptable listing of goods and services.

If you are filing for more than one International Class, click "Add Class(es) of Goods/Services" to add additional classes. Once you have listed all of your goods or services, move to the Filing Basis section to assign a filing basis.

Remember, the examination of your application is based on your listing of goods and services, so if you choose the wrong items, your mark may be refused and your application may be abandoned. Inaccuracies may also result in the cancellation of your trademark registration.