TEAS Nuts and Bolts: Additional Statements

Part 4 of TEAS Nuts and Bolts Series

Published on Oct 04, 2017

This video explains how to fill out the Additional Statements section of the USPTO’s federal trademark registration application.  The information applies to TEAS Plus, TEAS RF, and TEAS Regular applications.

TEAS Nuts and Bolts Series

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Additional Statements

MARK: Use the Additional Statements section to enter various statements that may pertain to your mark, such as a disclaimer or a translation.

To reveal the full listing of these statements, click the provided box.

The list of Additional Statements will appear below.

If you are filing a TEAS PLUS application, you will notice that several of the statements are marked by a red asterisk. The asterisk means that you must complete the relevant statement, if warranted by the facts in your case. If the statement is not relevant, you may leave it blank.

Be aware, however. If you fail to enter a required Additional Statement and the assigned examining attorney later determines that the facts in your case did warrant an entry, you will lose your TEAS PLUS status. Your application will be transformed to a regular TEAS application and you will have to pay an additional filing fee per International Class.

To avoid this, be sure to take your time and click on the title of each Additional Statement to learn more about the requirement and determine whether it applies to you.

Although it may be tempting to select every statement provided, don't do it. Additional statements are not commonly used and are for special circumstances that only exist in certain applications. If you enter a statement that does not apply to your application, you may delay the processing of your application. If in doubt, leave it out. If an Additional Statement is necessary, the assigned Examining Attorney will require it later in the process.

If the facts in your application do warrant an additional statement, simply type the information into the provided field.

If you need to include an Additional Statement that does not provide a box for typing an entry, simply check the relevant check box.

Be aware that the Miscellaneous Statement section should be used sparingly, if at all. Only use it if the information you're about to provide is absolutely necessary and no other designated portion of the form exists to enter the information. Once you finish entering any Additional Statements, click CONTINUE.

If you finish reviewing the Additional Statements section and determine that none of the statements apply to your application, uncheck the Additional Statements box and the statements will disappear. Any selections you made in the Additional Statements section will also disappear, automatically. If you are finished with this section, click CONTINUE to move on to the next section.