USPTO's Expanded Collaborative Search Pilot

Published on Nov 22, 2017

Learn about the USPTO’s Collaborative Search Pilot (CSP), an initiative with partnering international IP Offices that allows those filing patent applications in partnering Offices to have their application fast-tracked and reviewed concurrently.  Its free to file a CSP petition.

Learn more about the Collaborative Search Pilot at

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Are you filing for a patent in the United States and internationally with one of our participating IP Partners?
Consider USPTO's Collaborative Search Pilot (CSP).

Collaborative Search Pilot (CSP): it's free! your application is FAST TRACKED. It provides STRONG IP protections across multiple countries
You'll be part of increased collaboration around the world, but even better...

Your application is FAST-TRACKED to the front of the queue, and is reviewed by each IP office concurrently.
Expect action sooner on your application, allowances occur on average 8-9 months.

Be confident when your patents are issued in each country

Increased certainty and consistency of IP rights reduces the possibility of patent litigation

CSP - Collaborative Search Pilot

Visit or email: for more information.