Public Users' Meeting

Public Records Division (PRD)/Public Search Services Division (PSSD)
Quarterly Public Users' Meeting
February 28, 2018


The Quarterly Public Users’ Meeting was held at 1:00 p.m. in the Global IP Academy, Madison East, 2nd floor, at 600 Dulany Street on the USPTO campus in Alexandria, Virginia.  Donna Cooper, Director of Public Records Division, chaired the meeting. 



John Owens left the USPTO last year and David Chiles is serving as Acting CIO.


PSF Status

There are now two new kinds of mouse pads in PSF. Some with wrist rests are available; please ask at the Online Desk for these. Additionally, some newer footrests have been randomly distributed throughout PSF. Feel free to try out some of the new items by moving them to your workstation. The existing older footrests will remain in place.

The two round circular handout racks are being replaced with new ones. These will hold the most popular Patent and Trademark handouts. Please let staff know if you need something that is not there.

UPWS/EAST and Text Transfer issues are reported as soon as possible so that it can be worked on as soon as the IT staff can. This is a legacy system and changes to other systems can impact it. The USPTO is trying to maintain it as much as possible.


PRD Status

Assignment Recordation Branch has been experiencing a backlog for several months. The backlog is coming down since we received more staff and additional overtime hours.



Q: Since the FIU no longer has a finance window, how can public users pay for copies of provisional assignments?

A: After investigating with staff in Patent and Trademark Copy Fulfillment Branch and File Inspection Unit, it was determined that the process remains the same. The only thing that has changed is that cash payments are no longer accepted. Orders can be placed via email, fax or online and be picked up at FIU.


Q: What are the plans for the EAST replacement system?

A: A guess for a deployment date for the public system is 2020. The priority is for the Examiners’ systems.

Q: What about the entrance changes going on in the Madison atrium?

A: The Madison Building Entrance Renovation Project is designed to improve building energy efficiency and increase comfort. It features all new, automated entry vestibules for both the north and south entrances. This project is now scheduled to be completed on April 19, 2018. Please see the picture of the proposed finished project on display in PSF.


Q: If systems go down in the PSF, for example Text Transfer, it doesn’t seem to be resolved as quickly as in other areas of USPTO.

A: It was pointed out that often work is being done behind the scenes so the people working on it are not always visible onsite. In addition, examiner systems are the number one priority.


Q: A security question – can public users go through pre-screening process? Every time they come into the PSF, they have to go through the security process with taking coats off and putting their bags through the scanning device.

A: A representative of security attended the Public Users’ meeting on December 1, 2015, to address all security concerns. This question was addressed at that time. The response was that “any member of the public entering a Federal building has to be screened.” The answer has not changed.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:40 pm. Next meeting date and time TBD.