Public User's Meeting

Public Records Division (PRD)/Public Search Services Division (PSSD)
Quarterly Public User’s Meeting
November 21, 2016


The Public User’s Meeting was held at 1:00 p.m. in the Global IP Academy, Madison East, 2nd floor, at 600 Dulany Street on the USPTO campus in Alexandria, Virginia.  Donna Cooper, Manager of Public Records Division, chaired the meeting. 

John Owens, CIO, was present at the meeting to field any questions the public may have concerning a number of issues. 



Donna introduced Joseph Rivera as the new Director of PISG since Ted Parr’s retirement from that position.


Public Search Facility Status

Foreign data JPO/EPO updates:

EPO data base is static – information is in FPRS with additional countries.

JPO was not updated for a lengthy period. It is now updated through June.


Patents OPIM – Is CIP in same family? Not sure, will try to have someone from OPIM to sit in at a future Public User’s Meeting to address that question.

Re-organization of the stacks in the PSF, they will be condensed and some will be sent to NARA. Others will be relocated to the back of the PSF. A wall will be constructed for that purpose. The collections in the back will be relocated in the near future also.

Public users are requesting a more quiet space to be able to make phone calls, etc.

PSF is considering moving patent assignment information to the NARA.

Some of the search tools currently used in the PSF are planned to be made available on the internet. New search tools are to be deployed to the examiners in December 2016. EDAN will be shut down and replaced by DAV an online based system. EAST/WEST will be going away also. Unpublished applications now searchable by examiners; no public access.

The public would like to have access to the design files in the Remsen building basement. John Owens said he will have to check with Patents’ Debbie Stephens since those files are under their organization. Eventually those files will be moved to NARA as well. 


Public Records Division Status

The enhanced Assignment Search was launched in September. It includes a number of improvements, including the images of the assignment recordations


The Public User’s meeting wrapped at 2:05pm. Next meeting date TBA.