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Meet the Inaugural Class of Invention Ambassadors

The role of inventions in our enjoyment and quality of life cannot be understated. From the first stone tools to the photovoltaic cell, humanity has come a long way.

On July 2, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), in partnership with the Lemelson Foundation, kicked off the inaugural Invention Ambassadors Program with an event at the AAAS headquarters in Washington, D.C. The new program celebrates and highlights the importance of invention and inventors in society.

Chosen for their accomplishments and their commitment to invention, ambassadors will enthusiastically support invention and invention education by attending speaking engagements and other events across the country and help disseminate the program’s message across broad audiences.

At the kickoff event, each member of the inaugural class of Invention Ambassadors made a short presentation, demonstrating their impressive and diverse spectrum of fields and specialties. The presentations were recorded and are available for viewing.

Inaugural class of Invention Ambassadors:

Karen J.L. Burg - A pioneer in breast tissue engineering and newly appointed vice president for research at Kansas State University.

Rory Cooper - One of the country’s leading experts on assistive technologies for people with disabilities, he holds several prestigious academic appointments at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.

Sorin Grama - Cofounder and CEO of Promethean Power Systems, a clean-energy startup committed to improving conditions in developing regions of the world.

Paul R. Sanberg - Founder and president of the National Academy of Inventors and Senior Vice President for Research & Innovation, among other distinguished academic titles, at the University of South Florida, Sanberg is an inventor listed on approximately 100 health-related patents.

Steve Sasson - Inventor of the digital camera, recipient of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation and National Inventors Hall of Fame inductee.

Paul Stamets - Noted mycologist and founder of Fungi Perfecti and Host Defense Organic Mushrooms, he holds nine patents for innovative fungi-based solutions to a variety of problems facing human populations.

Vinod Veedu - Director of strategic initiatives at Oceanit and inventor of the world’s smallest nanobrush.

Read each ambassador’s full bio and impressive list of accomplishments at Invention Ambassadors website.

Among the program’s several goals is to increase society’s awareness of invention and inventors and support and foster the conditions necessary for innovation and a robust technological economy. The program also seeks to heighten awareness about the role of invention in finding solutions to global challenges and celebrates inventors and inventions that improve and sustain the Earth’s environment. 

Inventors Eye congratulates the inaugural class of Invention Ambassadors and looks forward to following their efforts to promote invention, science, and technological progress.

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