Intellectual Property Law and Strategic Management for Economic Development

Intellectual Property Law and Strategic Management for Sustainable Economic Development

A Regional Workshop for Legislators, Judges, and Government Representatives

This workshop provides a forum for Middle East region legislators, government representatives, and judges to discuss how intellectual property law and strategic management can contribute to economic development.

Participants will study key principles of copyright law and competition in culture and information products; trademark law and brand-based competition; and patent law and technology competition through case studies set in developing countries and consider health innovation and competitiveness opportunities.

Each morning will begin with a brief "primer" regarding patent, copyright, and trademark law. The morning IP law primer will be followed by developing country case discussions.

Participants will study development strategies being carried out in Brazil regarding bio-medical technology, in China regarding clean energy technology innovation, in Colombia regarding trademarked-brand creativity, and in India regarding film, television, and music creativity.

Participants will study AIDS prevention and treatment strategies in Africa, and a Jordanian will lead participants in a discussion of health innovation and competitiveness strategies in their country.

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