Silicon Valley StartUp Conference


Silicon Valley Startup Seminar

Startup Conference in Silicon Valley

October 16, 2015

San Jose, CA

Are you interested in learning about the business tools and resources that can help you launch and run a successful startup? Do you want to know more about intellectual property (IP) rights, and how to incorporate them in your business model? The United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) Regional Office in the Silicon Valley is hosting a free one day workshop on October  16, 2015, at its newly opened location in San Jose City Hall. This is the ideal conference for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses looking to build out their companies in the heart of America’s innovation ecosystem.

Even in Silicon Valley, where many of the world’s most influential and profitable companies were born, starting a company is still a difficult and daunting task. Knowing how to manage resources, develop and deploy products, and strategically plan for the future are just a few of the skills necessary for maintaining successful business operations. A thorough strategy for managing and leveraging intellectual property (IP) assets is a key component of any businesses strategy, though one that companies often overlook or delay in addressing when developing their business. Studies show over and over the importance of patents and trademarks in attracting venture capitalists and investors. In fact, 3 out of 4 venture-backed firms report that their investors counted the firm’s patents as an important factor in making a funding decision*.

At the Startup conference, you learn about:

  • The different types of intellectual property and how they’re related
  • How to file a Patent or a Trademark Application
  • IP Strategy IS a business strategy – understanding the risks and rewards
  • Licensing strategies
  • Leveraging Local, State, and Federal Resources
  • Business Networking and Relationship Building
  • And much more!



For more information, contact the USPTO at 866-767-3848.