Training and Education - Calendar FY2012

Program Calendars: FY2012 FY2011 FY2010


October 2011

  • Oct. 3, International IP Symposium for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in India
  • Oct. 17, Industry Consultation on "MIB's Task Force Recommendations on Piracy" in India
  • Oct. 5, USPTO PM Community of Practice at USPTO Headquarters
  • Oct. 11, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer in the United States at USPTO Headquarters
  • Oct. 14, Department of State IVLP: Best Practices in the Reporting of IPR Issues at USPTO Headquarters
  • Oct. 17-21, Patent Examiners Exchange Program with RosPatent at USPTO Headquarters
  • Oct. 18, International Judicial Academy Seminar: Government Regulation and Justice at USPTO Headquarters
  • Oct.19-20, USPTO/UNECE Program "The Strategic Use of Intellectual Property - A Key Tool for the Economic and Social Development of the Country" at USPTO Headquarters
  • Oct. 19, IP and Business in the Global Marketplace: USG Resources for Asian American and Pacific Islander SMEs at USPTO Headquarters
  • Oct. 24-25, Madrid Protocol and Trademark Law Treaty/Singapore Treaty on Law of Trademarks Training in Colombia
  • Oct. 31, Cardozo SIPO Program 2011 at USPTO Headquarters
  • Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, Advanced Judicial Seminar on IP Enforcement in Thailand


November 2011

  • Nov. 1-2, Advanced Judicial Education Seminar on Criminal Adjudication and Enforcement of Intellectual Property in Thailand
  • Nov. 3-4, Advanced Workshop for Law Enforcement Investigators and Public Prosecutors on Criminal Enforcement of IP (with USDOJ-IPCEN IV) in Thailand
  • Nov. 7-10, Russia/CIS Judicial Study Visit for Russian Judges (Part 1) at USPTO Headquarters
  • Nov. 7-18, Advanced Workshop and Study Tour Program for Law Enforcement Investigators and Public Prosecutors on Criminal Enforcement of IP at USPTO Headquarters
  • Nov. 9-11, Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting Forum in South Africa
  • Nov. 10, Study Visit: Intellectual Property Office of Guangzhou Municipality at USPTO Headquarters
  • Nov. 10-11, INNORPI/USPTO Office to Office Program in Tunisia
  • Nov. 14-15, IP Program in Algeria
  • Nov. 15-18, 2012 Patent Statistics for Decision Makers at USPTO Headquarters
  • Nov. 16-18, Intellectual Property Crime Training in Burkina Faso
  • Nov. 17-18, GIPA Geographical Indications Program in Cameroon
  • Nov. 28 - Dec. 1, PCT ISA/IPEA at USPTO Headquarters
  • Nov. 29 -30, INL-Funded Tri-Border & 2 Border IP Enforcement Training Program in Brazil

December 2011

  • Dec. 1, Annual Intellectual Property Empowerment Summit at USPTO Headquarters
  • Dec. 5-7, Trademark Trilateral at USPTO Headquarters
  • Dec. 6-9, KIPO IP Researchers Program at USPTO Headquarters
  • Dec. 8, Lecture - "Global Diffusion of New Drugs: The Role of Patent Policy, Price Controls and Institutions" at USPTO Headquarters
  • Dec. 8-14, NRF Patent Specialist Program at USPTO Headquarters
  • Dec. 15, NSA Program at USPTO Headquarters


January 2012

  • Jan. 11-13, ASEAN-USPTO Workshop on Trademark Examination in Cambodia
  • Jan. 17-19, Survey of IPR Courts at USPTO headquarters
  • Jan. 19-24, IPAC and IP Program at the International Music Products Association Annual Meeting at Newport Beach and Anaheim, California

February 2012

  • Feb. 2, Seoul National University School of Law at USPTO headquarters

March 2012

  • Mar. 6-9, Patent Examination Program at the USPTO Headquarters
  • Mar. 6-8, IP and Innovation Conference and Workshop in Hungary
  • Mar. 27-30, Madrid Protocol Implementation and Administration Program at USPTO Headquarters

April 2012

  • Apr. 9-11, Regional IPR Enforcement Workshop on Combating the Threat of Counterfeit Medicine in Jordan
  • Apr. 23-27, UPOV Train the Trainers at the USPTO Headquarters

May 2012

  • May 3-5, Patents, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference
  • May 7-11, WIPO Program at the USPTO Headquarters
  • May 14-18, USPTO-GCC Patent Program at Saudi Arabia

June 2012

  • Jun. 26-29, GIPA Copyright Program at the USPTO Headquarters
  • Jun. 26-29, GIPA Enforcement Program at the USPTO Headquarters

July 2012

  • Jul. 16-20, IP Management and Technology Licensing at the USPTO Headquarters