Electronic Bulk Data Products

The USPTO makes patent and trademark public data available in bulk form, which can be used to load into databases or other analytical tools for research and analysis. Bulk data contains ZIP or TAR files with TIFF or PDF images, concatenated XML or structured ASCII files.

You can find an individual patent or trademark without using bulk data. To search patents, see Patent Full-Text. To search trademarks, see Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS).

For research data, visit the Office of the Chief Economist page.

Available from the USPTO

The USPTO values your feedback and realizes the importance of image file wrapper data. Thank you for your patience as we provide additional bulk patent examination data from Public PAIR. There are plans to add transaction history, patent term adjustments and foreign priority data in 2017 and the following data in 2018 and 2019: continuity data, address & attorney/agent, image file wrapper, display references, supplemental content, maintenance fees and assignments.

PAIR Bulk Data (PBD) (Beta Released 11/21/15)

PAIR Bulk Data lets customers search and download multiple records of USPTO patent applications at no cost. PBD currently contains the bibliographic, published documents and patent term extension data tabs in Public PAIR from 1981-present. There is also some data dating back to 1935. IFW image data will be coming at a later date.

Customers can download the entire dataset containing the data for all indexed documents. There are over 9.4 million records in PBD to date. The data can be accessed by anyone using the web interface and/or the provided Application Programming Interface (API). PBD is near real-time (updated daily) and is an extract of the authoritative data available in Public PAIR.

PBD provides access to public applications including published patent applications and patents. PCT applications that have not been published by WIPO and any applications that have not been released by the USPTO will not be viewable in PBD.

Bulk Data Storage System (BDSS) (Released 10/1/15)

BDSS provides a single master repository of public raw bulk data hosted by the USPTO. Patent grant data begins in 1790, patent application data begins in 2001 and some trademark data begins in 1884. The files are updated with different frequencies, such as daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly or yearly. 

Available from Reed Tech

In June 2013, the USPTO entered into a no-cost agreement with Reed Tech to make patent and trademark public bulk data available to anyone free of charge. This bulk data can be accessed at http://patents.reedtech.com or http://trademarks.reedtech.com.

Reed Tech continues work on a data product consisting of Public PAIR (Patent Application Information Retrieval) data, including image data, which is not currently available from the USPTO in bulk form. To facilitate distribution and benefit the entire community of data users, USPTO authorizes Reed Tech to "mine" the data from its Web site during hours of low usage. This arrangement serves as a bridge until such time that the USPTO is able to directly offer all this data in bulk format. This Public PAIR bulk data can be accessed at: http://patents.reedtech.com/Public-PAIR.php.

For more information, contact ipd@uspto.gov.