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All in STEM is an initiative by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to encourage women at all stages – from girls to entrepreneurs – to pursue STEM degrees and work in STEM careers for the benefit of our economy and society. Follow us on Twitter with #ALLinSTEM.

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Selected speeches on diversity in STEM


USPTO women in STEM profiles

Marivelisse Santiago-Cordero

Marivelisse Santiago-Cordero

Supervisory Patent Examiner

"...STEM education begins at home. Parents should encourage girls to be interested in math, science, and engineering and schools should reinforce the importance of STEM…

Valencia Martin-Wallace

Valencia Martin Wallace

Deputy Commissioner for Patent Quality

" parents instilled in me a sense of duty to make this a better world for myself and everyone around me. I could not have picked a more fulfilling way than to help…

Portrait of Colleen Matthews

Colleen Matthews

Supervisory Patent Examiner

"Seek out mentors and relationships with people who are likeminded and, perhaps more importantly, with people who see and approach things in a different way from…

Portrait of Wynn Coggins

Wynn Coggins

Deputy Chief Administrative Officer

"Take an active interest in someone and be a mentor. Or on the flipside, ask someone you respect and admire to mentor you. We are all accountable for and responsible…

Elizabeth Dougherty

Elizabeth Dougherty

Director of Inventor Education, Outreach, and Recognition

"Diversity is key to success. It leads to stronger teams and better products and services by expanding the pool of available viewpoints and ideas from which to…

Joyce Ward portrait

Joyce Ward

Director, Office of Education and Outreach

“My job at the USPTO enables me to instill the idea of entrepreneurship and innovation in others, and help students recognize the tremendous potential they have to affect change.”

Sarah Harris portrait

Sarah Harris

General Counsel

“I fundamentally believe that a diverse workforce is key to the success of any organization."

Montia Pressey portrait

Montia P.

Trademark Attorney Advisor

“Consistently do a great job. Cultivate a reputation as someone who has a high quality work product and a strong work ethic.”

Arthi Krishna portrait

Arthi Murugesan Krishna

Computer Scientist

"Keep your skills current! Put yourself in a position where you can learn and practice new skills on a regular basis."

Tyeshia Mcintyre-Bray portrait

Tyeshia McIntyre-Bray

Senior IT Program Manager

"Diversity is a way of life at the USPTO, and it’s not limited to ethnicity and gender. Diversity of thought is prevalent."

Kathryn Hook portrait

Kathy Hook

IT Project Manager

"I love my boss...He has empowered me to lead projects and to lead people, which I never thought I’d do or want to do."

Ivana Miranda portrait

Ivana Miranda

Financial Analyst

"Math is not something that you run from…it is a lifeline."