Tyeshia McIntyre-Bray

Senior IT Program Manager

"Be committed to getting the job done."

Ty’s experience as a military veteran at USPTO has afforded her opportunities beyond her day-to-day activities as an IT program manager. Once she arrived at the agency in 2012, she joined the USPTO Military Association, which helps veterans seamlessly transition from active duty to the civilian workforce through mentorship and fellowship.

Ty has been able to leverage her military experience and 22 years as an IT professional in her role. But she has also been able to tap into even greater opportunities for career growth and advancement in STEM through the USPTO’s training and educational programs. It’s clear that people, and their professional and
personal success, come first at the USPTO and Ty couldn’t be more impressed.

"The USPTO is one of the most progressive federal agencies. The quality of life here is amazing. We have flexible duty schedules that support work-life balance," she notes, but goes on to really champion the agency’s commitment to a culture of inclusion and diversity above all else.

"Diversity is a way of life at the USPTO, and it’s not limited to ethnicity and gender. Diversity of thought is prevalent."