Arthi K.

Computer Scientist

"Keep your skills current! Put yourself in a position where you can learn and practice new skills on a regular basis."

When you’re a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence and natural language processing and your day-to-day vernacular includes "cognitive task analysis" and "groovy closures," coming to work at a future-forward agency devoted to protecting intellectual property just makes sense.

Meet Dr. Arthi. Her journey through the USPTO bridges user experience engineering, customer outreach, coding, and more, all in the name of improving patent and trademark examination and processing tools. And she thinks the coolest part of her job is when she can engage end users one-on-one to determine what’s working and what’s not.

To stay sharp, Arthi collaborates closely with her team and belongs to the USPTO’s C.O.D.E. (Club for Open Data Enthusiasts). She has also been able to make the most of training made available through the support of her supervisors, who routinely ask her to come up with ideas she would like to work on.

Arthi found other kinds of support invaluable when it came time for maternity leave. She mentions how many women across the agency willingly shared sage advice on how to navigate returning to work happy and healthy. A major part of that was taking advantage of the USPTO’s on-campus daycare facility.

In her work, she helps to provide the vision and define the path forward through new technologies that can improve the lives of inventors and examiners. At the USPTO, Arthi has been able to fully realize her career vision with a fulfilling and supported work-life balance, knowing that her experience, innovative ideas, and work ethic above all else are respected and valued.

And that, indeed, is pretty groovy.