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Jeffrey V. Nase

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From: Nase, Jeffrey
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2003 9:21 AM
To: Moatr, Harry
Subject: Your proposed rule package

How will Administrative Patent Judges at the Board of Patent Appeals & Interferences be treated under the proposed rules when they leave the Office and wish to be registered to practice. §§ 11.7(d)(1) and (d)(2) would not apply. § 11.7(d)(3) is the section that I would think should apply (i.e., for Certain former Office employees who were not serving in the patent examining corps upon their separation from the Office. However, Administrative Patent Judges would not seem to meet either § 11.7(d)(3)(A) by providing substantial guidance on patent examination policy, including the development of rule or procedure changes, patent examination guidelines, changes to the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, or development of training or testing materials for the patent examining corps; or § 11.7(d)(3)(B) representing the Office in patent cases before Federal courts. § 11.7(d)(3)(A) appears to be directed to nonexamining employees in the Patents Cost Center such as in Steve's Kunin Office. § 11.7(d)(3)(B) appears to be directed to employees in the Solicitor's Office. How about a section that would cover Administrative Patent Judges at the Board of Patent Appeals & Interferences?

Do I need to submit this comment formally via

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