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Anonymous 3

Moatz, Harry

From: PatentMan27@...
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2004 7:24 PM
To: ethicsrules comments
Subject: Against Proposed Ethics Rules

I oppose the proposed rules for several reasons. First, inadequate time (during the Holiday season) was provided for proper review of the proposals. The timing gives the appearance that the PTO is trying to sneak the rules through. The PTO is not authorized nor qualified to oversee CLEs. The PTO can't even properly train their own examiners. The proposed $100 yearly fee is the true agenda for the rules. I propose that the PTO save money by eliminating the wasteful jobs of the people responsible for creating these proposed rules. I plan on contacting my congressman to have a congressional hearing on further misuse of funds at the PTO!

United States Patent and Trademark Office
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