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Public Comments on Proposed Rule Change for Request for Reconsideration: Frank C. Leach, Jr.

From:  Frank C. Leach, Jr.
676 Mt. Vernon Drive
Lexington, Kentucky 40502
Sent:  April 9, 2007
To:  Cynthia C. Lynch
Administrator for Trademark Policy
Subject:  Notice of Proposed Rule and Request for Comments as to: "Changes in the Requirements for Filing Requests for Reconsideration ARer Final Office Action in Trademark Cases" (Federal Register/Vol. 72, No. 30, pp. 6984-6986)

Dear  Ms. Lynch:

A proposed rule change to 37 C.F.R. 2.64 is set forth in the March 28, 2007 issue of Patent and Trademark Office Notices. This was mailed to me on March 30 and received  April 2.

Although I have paid for a first class mail subscription, the issues are mailed usually at least five days after the publication date. Thus, reference to a Federal Register date of publication for determining the start of the time period for response is very limiting for a response by a subscriber to the Patent and Trademark Office Notices.

This is a written objection to the proposed rule change for those filing applications without any discount for using TEAS. It is urged that a fair balance would be for the proposed rule change to allow one not on the Internet, and paying the $375 filing fee to be able to fax rather than use TEAS. It also could be required for the attorney to  call in 10 days if no communication is received from the Examining Attorney.

Respectfully submitted,
Frank C. Leach, Jr. (859, 266-0169)
Registration No. 17,205

United States Patent and Trademark Office
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