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Comments from Phillip

Sent:   Friday, November 05, 1999 9:07 AM
To: CCard Comments
Subject:    Comment on Proposed Rulemaking
I am very much in favor of the USPTO accepting credit card payments for
fees, provided that one of the credit cards accepted is American Express.
American Express is important because the card has no upper limit to the
amount that can be charged.  With other credit cards like Visa and
MasterCard, a few extra fees may cause to card holder's balance to reach up
to and exceed the account limit, which would be bad for both the PTO and the
card holder.

These rules would be a great help to my practice, and to the clients.

Phillip E. Decker, PE, Esq.
Registered Professional Engineer and Registered Patent Attorney
Zero Emissions Technology Inc.
New Durham, New Hampshire

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