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Comments from Jeffrey

Sent:   Friday, December 03, 1999 10:31 AM
To: CCard Comments
Subject:    Comments: Credit Card Payment of Fees
One of the advantages of using credit cards for all PTO fee payments could
be the elimination of the need for a deposit account. However, if the office
will not accept a general authorization to charge fees to a credit card, and
requires a specific dollar amount to be stated, it would appear that the
"safe" approach would be to continue to pay fees through a deposit account
with a very high balance. Since the PTO does not pay interest on deposit
account balances, maintenance of deposit accounts is rather expensive.

As proposed, the new rules are only a minor step towards modernization,
rather than the major step that could be taken.

Jeffrey S. Boone, J.D.
Mallinckrodt Inc.
St. Louis, Missouri
United States Patent and Trademark Office
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