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Comments from Bryan

Sent:   Wednesday, November 10, 1999 5:42 PM
To: CCard Comments
Subject:    comments to Exactness and Liability
Dear Robert W. Bahr:

1. I support the proposed rule to allow expanded use of payment by credit

2. Exact amount
It seems quite likely that often cases would exist where an authorization
to pay by credit card accompanies a new application or revision where an
exact amount due has not yet been determined. Perhaps such fee could be
estimated by payee or filing entity within a reasonable range such as less
than $100 error (or other appropriate guideline). It would benefit PTO and
the filing entity to allow authorization in general terms of amount as
needed to proceed, for example "up to and including $XX" where XX is the
top estimated fee due. Therefore, authorized amounts need not be exact as
to what is due, just to exceed the amount to be charged. Such forms/letters
could be prepared in parallel with the rushed finishing touches of an
application where the fees may change depending on the number of
classifications entered (based on results of a rushed search report), or
claim structure.

3. Liability for privacy
Furthermore, it also seems reasonable that if applicant makes use of an
"attached" form or similar piece not identical but having same information
as PTO's CC form where the card info is not adjacent to other instructions
needing to be made public at some point, that PTO should accept and treat
such attached information with same liability as to its own form, ie.
keeping out of public knowledge. In this way, effective correspondence
could be made easier for applicants using proprietary or complicated
information systems not easily adapted to proposed PTO form, or those not
able to easily modify PTO's form. This would be in keeping with the intent
of the proposal, but just not the actual means to accomplish it.

Thank you.

Bryan L. Macy, MBA
Director of Life Science Technologies
     Science & Technology Corporation @UNM
United States Patent and Trademark Office
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