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Comments on the proposed enhancements to the Official Gazette - Patents, 1235 OG 67 (June 20, 2000)

As of September 25, 2000, the organizations and persons listed below have submitted comments in response to the proposed enhancements to the Official Gazette, The Electronic Availability of the Official Gazette of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office - Patents on the USPTO Web Site with Proposed Enhancements , published in the Official Gazette at 1235 Off. Gaz. Pat. Office 67 (June 20, 2000). (link to )

It is hoped that the public will review this list to determine if it is complete. If any person or organization has submitted comments but is not included in this listing, please submit the comment by electronic mail message at , or by facsimile at (703)872-9411, or contact Karin L. Tyson by telephone at (703) 306-3159.

Comment No.
Comments submitted on behalf of:
Organization, if any identified (but comment not submitted on behalf of)
Response to Comment, if any
1. TP Lewandowski Patent Attorney A searchable electronic version is preferred to paper subscription.  
2. Don Haas Shell Oil Co. Good idea, information will be more readily accessible. PTO should do if saves money and time.  
3. Ken Waite Roche Diagnostics Corp. Proposed change could save patent practitioners a lot of time looking up information, and could save them some money.  
4. Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox   Text version of O.G. on the Internet is limited. For example, issuance of Reexamination Certificates does not appear to be available. Would like to be able to search for reexamination status, such as whether a reexam certificate has issued, based on patent number. This information is not published in the Official Gazette. The intent of the proposed enhancement is to make the information that is now in the paper OG to be available in electronic form in a manner that it is easily available. The desired information can be obtained through the patent application information retrieval system (PAIR) at:
5. Raymond B. Dickinson Patent/ Trademark Depository Librarian The proposed enhancement is a very needed. Inventors use OG while at library, but should be able to access the same information when they are at home. Public Libraries may not have TIFF-reader plug in, and user is not permitted to download. Can view a patent without this reader on IBM patent website, but should be able to view on USPTO site without plug in.  
6. Chuck Watts Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack Proposal sounds like a very useful idea. If a choice between OG - Patents PDF and OG Patents VOG is required, VOG will be more useful. The database must be searchable by OG cite (1235 OG 67) and keyword search results must result in a list of hits with titles that are useful, such as the title in the OG notice.  
7. Stuart M. Kaback Exxon/ Mobil Research & Engineering Keep paper. Do not copy WIPO and destroy print version, there are some things that are awkward or impossible to do with an electronic gazette.  
8. Robert A. Miller S.C. Johnson & Son Reading paper OG is now impractical because it is so large. An electronic OG which is searchable by assignee, class, subclass and by key word would be useful. Would like a listserver e-mail service in which a list of patents conforming to a search string selected by the user is automatically e-mailed to the recipient. It would be useful to obtain Official Gazette notices relating to registration to practice, and rule changes by e-mail either as text or as pdf files.  
9. Donna M. Hanson University of Idaho Library, UI PTDL Proposed enhancements are appealing, but continued availability of paper OG is more important  
10. Joseph L. Ebersole Coalition for Patent and Trademark Information Dissemination Against proposal. Stressed that any extra resources of USPTO should be used to hire patent examiners instead of enhancing OG.  
11. no name given "major corporate user" In favor of the proposal - would not need .pdf files. Medium should be quick to open.  
12. Madeline Douglass Valspar Corporation Strongly in favor of the proposal, especially the proposal to have an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) version available.  

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