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Via Facsimile 703-308-6916

Via Fac s imile 703 - 308-6916

Hiram H. Bemstem

Box Comments—Patents

Office of the Assistant Commissioner for Patents Washington DC 20231

Re: Changes to Im p lement Business Goals

Dear Sir:

I suggest that 37 CPR §1.121( n)(iii ) be amended as follows:

(iii) Drawings. Applications drawings are amended in the following manner: Any change to the patent drawings mu st be submitted as a sketch on a separate paper showing the proposed changes in red for approval by the Examiner. The proposed changes may be made in red, may be highligthed or may be indicat e d by any equivalent marking syst e m . Upon approval by the Exa m iner, new drawings in compliance with Section 1.84 including the changes must be filed.


Changes made in red lose their distinctive identity when faxed, when copied by a black-and-white copier (as in the attorneys' room) and when printed by a black-and-white printer. For the past 45 years, it has been an annoyance that whenever I submitted proposed changes in red ink, I had to make three copies of the proposed changes manually, one for the Patent Office, one for the file and one for the client's file. To avoid this duplicate work in many cases which I have handled, I have made the proposed changes and then highlighted the changes, sometimes with a pink highlighter pen, and most Exa m iners will approve the changes even though not sub m itted i n red.

Making changes in red ink is archaic.

Respectfully submitted,

Henry H. Skillman

Reg. No. 17,352

HH S:jr

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