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Sent: Thursday, November 04, 1999 10:01 AM

To: regrefo rm

Subject: Proposed rule changes to USPTO regulations

George H. Morgan P.E. Professional Engineer - Registered Patent Agent Visit my site at: h ttp:// www t/b iz / patagent

I have read Ernest Schall's summary of some proposed rule changes to the USPTO where comments should be submitted prior to 12/3/99.

On the "no extensions of time: for the ninety days for submission of formal drawings after allowance, I can see some problems arising.

I am in the Midwest, so I have to mail the drawings. On occasion, drawings have been bent in shipment, as nearly as I can figure out. When I put in stiffeners or in a special envelope, drawings seemed to get lost on occasion. So, now I just include them with the specification, in a standard Express Mail envelope, and hope for the best.

I can see where the "no extensions of time" clause could be an occasional problem for the sincere applicants (as opposed to those who try to play games with the system).

Highest regards to the most inventor friendly patent office in the world. Geoerge H. Morgan

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