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Sent: Thursday, December 16, 1999 4:18 PM


Subject: 37CFR1.84 & 1.85


I have just received information concerning proposed revisions to the above referenced CFR secetion.

I have been a Registered Attorney since January, 1964 under Reg. No. 22026. This proposal particularly upsets me as, in my opinion, it lowers the integrity of the Office. The drawings accompanying and used in a application are, again, in my opinion, an integral and very important aspect of clear illustration of the invention and my draftsperson and myself work very hard in arriving at what we believe to be a proper representation of the invention.

I believe I can count the number of drawing changes that have been required of may submitted drawings on one hand and I value the effort that she and I place on these clear illustrations. On these occassions, the Office was proper and their suggested corrections definitely more succinctly clarified the invention.

I, for one, and I hope many, feel that the Office must maintain their diligence in drawing requirements and thus invention clarity.

I only wish I had had the opportunity to enter my concern prior to December 3 and I hope that, even though late, this opinion be given an amount of import.


JAMES R. CWAYNA-Reg. No. 22026, Bloomington, MN

United States Patent and Trademark Office
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