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Sent: Thursday, December 02, 1999 7:29 PM


Subject: drawing rules

As a patent illustrator/draftsman, one of my goals has been to produce a drawing so fine that the attorney need only say in the specification, "There is no need for explanations, the drawings say it all:. I realize this will never happen, nevertheless the better the quality of drawing the easier the writing and understanding specs.

It seems to me, the proposed rule changes are like throwing the baby out with the bath water when you pursue a policy to downgrade the quality of drawings.

Time and again I see attorneys in a hurry to file a case and use the client's drawings or make up some of there own and then come to me only when the case has been allowed. So instead of clear drawings with a uniform format that a layman can understand, I see the inner workings of something in cad format with solid lines crossing solids lines that are as clear as mud, and the only way to understand the invention is to carefully read the spec.

The rules being eliminated were put there to ease the understanding of drawings. Eliminating those rules seems to me to be a short term solution to your problem, but I should think long term problems will arise out of this.

I compare the drawings in the PCT Gazette and the USPTO Gazette and the US drawings are by far superior because the rules keep them that way. The attorneys will do the absolute minimum that the USPTO requires just because thatÂ’s the way life is. Let us keep those minimum standards where we can be proud of the work. Please leave the rules alone.

Thank you,

Don Shutters - Chicago

United States Patent and Trademark Office
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