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Sent : Friday, November 26, 1999 5:20 AM

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Subjec t: rule changes

This message is in response to the proposed rule changes within section 1.84, the lowering of drawing standards.

The proposed changes would allow an unreasonably low standard for drawings. This will supposedly speed up the patent process, but the inventor will be the one the suffers in the long run due to problems with infringements that will result from unclear drawings. If the written specification must be typed and have correct spelling and grammar, why would lesser quality drawings be allowed?

I believe a remedy exists that will benefit everyone. Formal drawings should be required from the start of the process. If formal drawings are not supplied at this time, an extra fee should be charged for the delay. This will force most people to supply formal drawings initially, and for those that are unable to provide formals, they will pay the extra costs incurred for causing a delay in the process.

By requiring formal drawings at the start of the process, the standards of the Patent Office will be upheld, and the time frame required to receive a patent will be decreased. It is important that the standards and levels of quality will not be sacrificed just to increase processing time.

It is also possible to ensure quality drawings from the start by having competent draftsman. If a draftsman must prove himself before being able to perform any drafting for the Patent Office, this will guarantee that quality work will always be supplied. This will enable the Patent Office to skip the drawing review process, but quality drawings will still be supplied. Some type of licensing process for draftsman could be very beneficial.

Thank you for your time.

M. Brockel

United States Patent and Trademark Office
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