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PGPUB Comments - Hoffmann

From:   Hoffmann, John
Sent:   Friday, April 28, 2000 2:55 PM
To: Pre Grant Pub
Subject:    comments re:changes to implement 18-month publication of patent applications
    The US Constitution indicates that the purpose of the Office is to promote the useful arts.   In keeping with this mandate, the Office should maximize the amount of information it gives the public.  To give inventors the ability to restrict the amount of information that is made public, is to restrict the amount of new information in the arts that is available to the public.  Therefore, the Office should publish the most amount of information possible within the guidelines set by Congress.   All rules should be created with the mindset that the Office exists to serve the general public - not the inventors.  

             Every time a patent is issued, one more freedom is taken away from the American public.   Our forefathers decided this is a worthwhile bargain for the public.    I believe it is best that we MAXIMIZE the bargain for the public.  We ought to get the most information from inventors as possible AND MAKE IT PUBLIC - so as to improve the quality of life for Americans.  Permitting Applicant's to redact portions of any disclosure, is a failure to promote the useful arts; it is an opportunity for an inventor to keep inventions hid.
             Freedom is the most important value of America.  Thousands of people give their lives in their attempt to come to America and experience that freedom.  Whenever we take away any freedom (such as excluding everyone from making or using a new invention) from Americans, we should demand the highest possible price.    Within the discretion that the Congress gives the Office, the Office should publish ALL available information.

John Hoffmann
Primary Patent Examiner
Group 1700

United States Patent and Trademark Office
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