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Post-meeting Comments


American Intellectual Property Law Association post-meeting comments


Association of American Publishers post-meeting comments

BSA-The Software Alliance post-meeting comments

Center for Internet and Society and Electronic Frontier Foundation post-meeting comments

Computer and Communications Industry Association post-meeting comments

Copyright Alliance post-meeting comments

Digital Liberty post-meeting comments

Directors Guild of America post-meeting comments

Ghostly International post-meeting comments

Intellectual Property Owners Association post-meeting comments

Internet Infrastructure Coalition post-meeting comments

Internet Society post-meeting comments - Late Submisson

Kernochan Center for Law, Media, and the Arts post-meeting comments

Library Copyright Alliance post-meeting comments

Motion Picture Association of America post-meeting comments

ScreenPlay, Inc. and Rain City Video, Inc. post-meeting comments

Software and Information Industry Association post-meeting comments

The Harry Fox Agency Inc. post-meeting comments

Writers Guild of America West post-meeting comments



Brotman post-meeting comments

Carrier post-meeting comments

Caterine II post-meeting comments

Caterine post-meeting comments

Fabbri post-meeting comments

Hausdorff post-meeting comments

LaPolt and Tyler post-meeting comments – Late Submission (also enclosing submissions from Henley, Walsh, Young, Sting, Deadmau5, Osbourne, Fleetwood, Spears)

Menell post-meeting comments

Rosenthal post-meeting comments

Samuelson post-meeting comments

Zagaja post-meeting comments

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Pre-meeting Comments


American Association of Independent Music Comments

American Free Trade Association Comments

ASCAP Comments

Association of American Publishers Comments

BMI Comments

Computer and Communications Industry Association Comments

Califa Group Comments

Center for Democracy and Technology Comments

Consumer Electronics Association Comments

Consumer Federation of America Comments

Copyright Clearance Center Comments

Creative Commons Comments

Deviant Art Comments

Digital Liberty et. al. Comments

Digital Media Association Comments

Digital Right To Repair Comments

eBay Comments

Entertainment Software Association Comments

Future of Music Coalition Comments

Global Intellectual Property Center Comments

Google Comments

Independent Film and Television Alliance Comments

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation Comments

Institute for Policy Innovation Comments

Internet Association Comments

Internet Commerce Coalition Comments

Juneau Public Libraries Comments

Libraries of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John Comments

Library Copyright Alliance Comments

Motion Picture Association of America Comments

National Cable and Telecommunications Association Comments

National Music Publishers Association et. al. Comments

New Media Rights Comments

Ohio Library Council Comments

Organization for Transformative Works Comments

Owners Rights Initiative Comments

Public Knowledge Comments

Recording Industry Association of America Comments

Redigi Comments

Songwriters Guild of America Comments

SoundExchange Comments

Stanford Center for Internet and Society and Electronic Frontier Foundation Comments

Trinity University Librarians' Comments

University of Michigan Library Comments

Wattpad Comments



Anonymous Comments

Bahnsen Comments

Bridges Comments

Brosan comments

Bulin Comments

Byerly Comments

Cherry Comments

Cobb Comments

Crater Comments

Dennis Comments

Devorah Comments

Emmons Comments

Emmons Comments II

Evangelho Comments

Gropen Comments

Gropen Comments II

Harris Comments

Hughes Comments

Jones Comments

Khanna - Tehranian Comments

Khanna (Cellphone) Comments

Lomenick Comments

Lowney Comments

Macgillivray Comments

Mancuso Comments

Mike Masnick Comments

Miller Comments

Naylor Comments

Osborn Comments

Ranney Comments

Schwartz Comments

SIM Comments

Sydnor Comments

Wilt Comments

Yousif Comments

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