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WIPO CRNR/DC/6 ORIGINAL: English DATE: August 30, 1996

Notes on Article 6

6.01 According to paragraph (1) , the benefit of protection is granted to nationals of Contracting Parties. According to the provisions of Article 7(4) makers of databases who have their habitual residence in a Contracting Party are assimilated to nationals of that Contracting Party.

6.02 By a reference to the provisions of paragraph (1), paragraph (2) contains a provision laying down the same principle for the benefit of companies, firms and other legal entities having certain points of attachment to a Contracting Party. The expression "companies, firms and other legal entities" is intended to cover all companies, firms, corporations, unions, associations, non-profit institutions and other legal persons.

6.03 Protection is given to the persons identified in paragraph (1) and paragraph (2) if they meet the criteria set forth in those provisions at the time of the making of the database, which is the moment when the database meets the requirements of Article 1(1).

[End of Notes on Article 6]

Article 6

Beneficiaries of Protection

(1) Each Contracting Party shall protect according to the terms of this Treaty makers of databases who are nationals of a Contracting Party.

(2) The provisions of paragraph (1) shall also apply to companies, firms and other legal entities formed in accordance with the laws of a Contracting Party or having their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within a Contracting Party; however, where such a company, firm or other legal entity has only its registered office in the territory of a Contracting Party, its operations must be genuinely linked on an on-going basis with the economy of a Contracting Party.

[End of Article 6]

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