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WIPO CRNR/DC/6 ORIGINAL: English DATE: August 30, 1996

Notes on Article 5

5.01 According to paragraph (1) , Contracting Parties may provide, in their national legislation, exceptions to or limitations of the rights provided in this Treaty. This freedom is limited by the criteria originally introduced in Article 9(2) of the Berne Convention. First, the criteria permit exceptions only in certain special cases. Second, the exceptions may never conflict with normal exploitation of the database, and third, the exceptions may not unreasonably impair or prejudice the legitimate interests, including economic interests, of the rightholder. The provisions of paragraph (1) allow limitations on the rights of both extraction and utilization.

5.02 Paragraph (2) sets forth a specific rule permitting national legislation to determine whether and how to protect databases made by governmental entities, their agents and employees.

5.03 The rights and exceptions in the proposed Treaty are norms for minimum protection. Article 5 does not preclude national legislation that imposes stricter or narrower rules in respect of exceptions. For example, a Contracting Party may enact national legislation that excludes any limitation of the right to extract the contents of a database in electronic form for private purposes.

[End of Notes on Article 5]

Article 5


(1) Contracting Parties may, in their national legislation, provide exceptions to or limitations of the rights provided in this Treaty in certain special cases that do not conflict with the normal exploitation of the database and do not unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the rightholder.

(2) It shall be a matter for the national legislation of Contracting Parties to determine the protection that shall be granted to databases made by governmental entities or their agents or employees.

[End of Article 5]

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