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WIPO CRNR/DC/6 ORIGINAL: English DATE: August 30, 1996

Notes on Article 4

4.01 Paragraph (1) determines the first owner of the rights provided for in this Treaty. The expression "maker of the database" has been used in singular form in many provisions of the proposed Treaty. This expression must be understood to include its plural wherever there has been more than one maker of a database. When the rights in respect of a database belong to several makers, they own the rights jointly and the authorization of each rightholder is necessary for the extraction or utilization of a substantial part of the database. Likewise, when there is joint ownership of rights in a database, the consent of each of the rightholders is necessary for the assignment, transfer or licensing of the database.

4.02 Paragraph (2) provides that the rights established by the proposed Treaty are freely transferable. No limitations apply to this freedom of contract. National laws, of course, may impose certain requirements in connection with contracts generally, such as a requirement that they be embodied in written documents. Requirements of this type may also be imposed in connection with contracts concerning rights in databases.

4.03 A transferee of rights under paragraph (2) may enjoy all the same protection as the original maker of the database. The maker of a database may transfer all of the rights he has therein.

[End of Notes on Article 4]

Article 4


(1) The rights provided under this Treaty shall be owned by the maker of the database.

(2) The rights provided under this Treaty shall be freely transferable.

[End of Article 4]

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