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WIPO CRNR/DC/6 ORIGINAL: English DATE: August 30, 1996

Notes on Article 3

3.01 Paragraph (1) contains the most important operative provision of the proposed Treaty. It accords to the maker of a database the right to authorize or prohibit the relevant acts of extraction and utilization. The right is by its nature an exclusive right. The contents of the provision have, to a great extent, already been determined by the definitions of "extraction", "substantial part" and "utilization" in Article 2.

3.02 The protection provided does not preclude any person from independently collecting, assembling or compiling works, data or materials from any source other than a protected database.

3.03 The right of utilization granted to the maker of a database covers, according to the definition of "utilization", the making available to the public of all or a substantial part of the contents of a database inter alia by the distribution of copies. Paragraph (2) allows Contracting Parties to provide for the exhaustion of the right of distribution on a national basis.

3.04 If it is possible for regional economic integration areas with their own legislation in this field to become parties to the Treaty the effect of the exhaustion of the right of distribution may be regional. The territories of such Contracting Parties consist of the territories of their member countries. There is thus no need to make separate mention of regional economic integration areas.

[End of Notes on Article 3]

Article 3


(1) The maker of a database eligible for protection under this Treaty shall have the right to authorize or prohibit the extraction or utilization of its contents.

(2) Contracting Parties may, in their national legislation, provide that the right of utilization provided for in paragraph (1) does not apply to distribution of the original or any copy of any database that has been sold or the ownership of which has been otherwise transferred in that Contracting Party's territory by or pursuant to authorization.

[End of Article 3]

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